Philipp und die Traumfabrik

Nine-year-old Phillip Keller is what you might call a child of the industry. “Industry” is the name given to the film and show business world in LA. His parents immigrated from Germany 15 years ago, and because he was born in the U.S., he is the first real American in the family. At home, they speak a mixture of German and English, and although Phillip himself speaks German, he actually prefers English. This is the language in which the rest of his life takes place. Phillip is in the file of an agency for small actors and child models. He has what adults call a fresh, unspoiled face, which is why he likes to be booked for commercials. His father Michael, called Mike is a sound mixer at Warner Brothers and does the final mix of big blockbusters. His mother is what is called a life coach in the USA. A trained psychologist, she helps stressed-out Californians cope with their job and life crises. A very ordinary family in a somewhat unusual working and living environment. The film tells the week of a very ordinary boy in a somewhat unusual world. Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States, and Hollywood is the most famous part of town. Many television shows, commercials and, of course, movies are shot and produced here.  We accompany Philipp in his sheltered world between long car rides, visits to his father on the studio lot where Jurassic Park was filmed, playing with friends and a photo shoot for his new set card, where he is professionally put in the right light. New portraits are taken at a children’s photographer.  Philip isn’t excited, though – or at least doesn’t let on. Like a little professional, he complies with the photographer’s instructions. As far as his leisure activities are concerned, Philip has a few advantages, of course. Los Angeles is located in a subtropical climate zone and you can ride your surfboard on the beautiful Pacific waves almost all year round. In addition, his father has built him a battery-powered go-kart, which he is allowed to whiz around on a flat sandy surface. That certainly wouldn’t be allowed in Germany. Of course, Philipp has already thought about what he wants to be when he grows up. He thinks what his father does is great, of course, but he also dreams of being an inventor and bringing something into the world that other people really need.