Endlich Tacheles

„ENDLICH TACHELES is nominated for the Grimme Award 2023″.

Yaar is an imaginative 21-year-old who dreams of making the new Star Wars film one day. The fact that he was born into a Jewish family in Israel didn’t matter to him for a long time. His father is his great role model. But the older Yaar gets, the more he realises that his father is suffering. He doesn’t understand why, only that it has to do with his family history. Yaar associates his Jewish heritage above all with the suffering and powerlessness of the Jews in the Holocaust. Out of the desire not to belong to a “victims’ association” comes the idea to develop a computer game: “Shoah. When God Slept.” In the Germany he creates around 1940, Jews can defend themselves, Nazis can act humanely. Yaar’s father is shocked.

He finds comrades-in-arms in his fellow students Sarah and Marcel. Yaar makes his grandmother Rina the model for the character of the Jewish girl Regina. Her antagonist, an SS officer, is inspired by a real ancestor of Marcel. The three agree: the old role attributions of perpetrators and victims stand in their way, and the past should finally be over! They travel together to Rina’s birthplace Krakow, where Yaar uncovers a terrible family secret. The three friends realise that the events of the past have to do with themselves – as grandchildren of the victims and perpetrators at the time. A painful confrontation with their own history begins, which also changes the relationship between father and son.

Yaar has to find his own way between the trauma of the generations before him and the claim to an unencumbered life.