Feature film LUISA in post-production

After seven weeks of inclusive filming with an equal cast of around 20 actors and actresses with and without disabilities, the feature film production LUISA is now in the editing stage. Directed by Julia Roesler, the debut film deals with the topic of sexualized violence in residential facilities for people with disabilities.

24-year-old Luisa (Celina Scharff) lives in a residential group for people with disabilities together with seven other residents. She works in a laundry. Unexpectedly, it is discovered that Luisa is pregnant – her boyfriend Anton (Dennis Seidel) cannot be the father as he is unable to conceive. Sexual abuse is suspected. Luisa remains silent. The ensuing investigation becomes an endurance test for her, her boyfriend Anton and the entire staff of the residential facility.

The screenplay by Silke Merzhäuser and Julia Roesler is based on meticulous research. The events it depicts are a montage of various actual cases of abuse that were researched by the authors. Dialogues from the script are taken verbatim from interviews with caregivers, parents of women affected and residents of the residential home.

Other roles are played by Eva Löbau, Peter Lohmeyer, Katharina Bromka, Michael Schumacher, Melanie Lux, Josefine Großkinsky, Noa Michalski, Matthias Zalachowski, Lina Strothmann, Trixi Strobel, Martin Schnippa, Hadi Khanjanpour, Tim Porath, Gina Calinoiu, Bernd Hölscher, Sarah Hostettler and others.

LUISA is a production of HANFGARN & UFER Filmproduktion and werkgruppe2 Filmproduktion, in co-production with ZDF/Das kleine Fernsehspiel. The producers are Andrea Ufer, Gunter Hanfgarn, Silke Merzhäuser and Julia Roesler, the editor is Lucia Haslauer (ZDF/Das kleine Fernsehspiel). The project was funded by BKM, Nordmedia and DFFF.