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Lakes – Sources of life

a documentary series by Sebastian Saam Synopsis Crew Locations Synopsis They are thousands, sometimes even several million years old, or even man-made. They are of

Movies By Machines

a film by Mario Sixtus Synopsis Crew Locations Synopsis Metropolis, Alphaville, 2001, Terminator, Battlestar Galactica, Westworld: film studios love stories about artificial beings that rebel


a Film by Silke Merzhäuser, Julia Roesler Germany | 2024 | Feature film | 90 min Synopsis Crew Locations Synopsis 24-year-old Luisa lives in a

ER + ich Fried

a film by Klaus Fried Germany | TBD | documentary | 100 min Synopsis Crew Locations Synopsis It is a strange thing to share one’s

A dream of revolution

a film by Petra Hoffmann Germany | 2024 | documentary | 90 min Synopsis Crew Locations Synopsis On July 19, 1979, the Sandinista People’s Revolution


Esther Ofarim

Esther Ofarim a film by Shaked Goren Synopsis Crew Locations Synopsis The whole world was enthusiastic about Esther, but the Germans were hypnotized. Esther and

Delivery Heroes

a film by Sebastian Saam Synopsis Crew Locations Synopsis Their names are Muhammad, Soledad, Kailash, Bongeka and Chia Wei and they are tired. They are

Decolonize Me

a film by Jean Boué Synopsis Crew Locations Synopsis In his grandfather’s library, 25-year-old David finds a coat of arms of his family, held by


a film by Bernd Heiber Germany | in preparation | feature film Synopsis Crew Cast Synopsis GOLEM is a psychological chamber play dealing with artificial


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About us

HANFGARN & UFER Filmproduktion, founded in 1991, has its headquarters in Berlin and offices in Hamburg and Bremerhaven. With a strong focus on creative auteur films, we accompany our authors and directors, including many debutants, in the realisation of their documentaries and feature films. Many of our productions have been awarded prizes at international film festivals, and some have received international theatrical release. We cooperate with German and international co-producers, TV stations, funds, other financiers and distributors.


Gunter Hanfgarn

Author & Producer

1984-90: studied psychology in Landau and Berlin,

1988-90: assistant editor and TV writer at RIAS-TV,

1991: founded HANFGARN & UFER Filmproduktion with Andrea Ufer,

2009-12: vice-president at Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dokumentarfilm (AGDOK).

Member of the German and the European Film Academy. IMDB >>

Main focus: Development, production, rights and licences

Andrea Ufer

Author & Producer, Director

1982-87: Studied German language and literature, media science and politics at the TU Berlin, editorial assistant and TV writer at RIAS TV,

since 1988 freelance journalist and filmmaker for ARD, ZDF, ARTE

1991 founded HANFGARN & UFER Filmproduktion with Gunter Hanfgarn

member of AGDOK and the German Film Academy. IMDB >>

Main focus: Development, production, film management


HANFGARN & UFER Filmproduktion GbR

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