MV Film Funding and BKM support I’M FREEZING IN THE SUN

In “I’m freezing in the sun”, director Frank Amann follows five young people aged 12 to 14 who grow up in a satellite settlement in Neubrandenburg. They are not only confronted with the challenges of puberty, but also with their origins, the influences and attributions. Where does their freedom begin? Where are the limits? What opportunities do they have and what not? A literature workshop has been offered at their school for two years, led by the writer Mirijam Günter. It is not about performance, but about feelings, doubts and fears. As part of these workshops, the young people reclaim their language, a medium that they have previously experienced as a means of exclusion and discipline. Their impressive texts reflect their self-perception and state of mind.

Written and directed by Frank Amann
Camera: Frank Amann
Sound: Oliver Stahn
Editor: Catrin Vogt
Dramaturgical advice: Susanne Binninger
Literary workshop: Mirijam Günter

Funded by: BKM, MV Film Funding
In co-production with Weltfilm (Kristina Konrad)
In co-production with ZDF/3sat